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Fenugreek Health Drink Powder

Vellife in daily life

You have made a smart choice by buying Vellife natural health drink powder. You have proven that your family's health is important to you and that you care for them enough to take care of yourself too by making this prudent decision. Now you are probably wondering how to and where to use it? After making the right choice, it is equally important to implement it rightly. Often, people buy health supplements without knowing how to incorporate them in their regular diets and these packets remain unused and forgotten on the shelves of their kitchen or in their medicine cabinet. Do not let this be the case with Vellife. Vellife can actually help you to start living well by managing your glucose, your cholesterol levels and your weight. Vellife contains all the goodness of fenugreek (methi seeds). For centuries, the benefits of fenugreek have been exalted in ancient Ayurveda texts, however some people are turned off by its bitter taste. Vellife has solved this test of taste by making fenugreek based health drink powder that has reduced bitterness.

How to consume Vellife Natural Health Drink powder?

Vellife can be taken as a health drink by dissolving it in water or it can be added into daily dishes that constitute a meal like dal or vegetable curries. Vellife can also be used to thicken soups or custards. A measure of Vellife can be added to flour when you make the dough for rotis or puris. A pinch of Vellife can be sprinkled over your salads or cereal. Vellife can thus be used in many ways to enhance the nutritive value of your meals. All this addition and enhancement becomes easy because Vellife contains fenugreek with reduced bitterness and will not affect the taste or flavour of your cooking in any way.

Thus Vellife can be used not only as a health drink supplement but also as a food enhancement that can augment the 'nutritive quotient' of your meals. So go ahead… explore the goodness of fenugreek by including it in your favourite recipes. Season with nutrition, add the spice of management to your everyday meals and serve wellness on a platter with Vellife.

Nutritional information of Vellife Natural Health Drink powder

Calories - 150 Calories from fat - 0
Protein 25g
Soluble Fiber 30g
Insoluble Fiber 20g
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g

Fenugreek Health Drink Powder