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Fenugreek Health Drink Powder

Science of Vellife natural health drink

Vellife natural health drink contains health promoting ingredients of which fenugreek seed is a major one. The fenugreek seed powder in Vellife natural health drink is specially processed to significantly reduce the bitterness of fenugreek by the removal of the fats and saponins that are mainly responsible for the bitterness. At the same time it is rich in protein, fiber and other healthy constituents have been retained in totality.

How is the bitterness of fenugreek reduced in Vellife natural health drink?

Bitterness of Fenugreek is mainly due to certain saponins and alkaloids. Our research and development team has used a new technology called supercritical extraction, that eliminates them. This reduces the bitterness significantly. We have also added orange flavour and other edible components to make it into a very tasty health drink powder so that it offers 'all the goodness of fenugreek, with reduced bitterness'

How does the fiber in Vellife natural health drink help in managing blood sugar?

Fenugreek in Vellife decreases glucose absorption and inhibits starch digestion due to presence of soluble fiber and galactomannans and may be responsible for its hypoglycaemic effect.1 It is also reported that 4-hydroxy leucine in fenugreek simulates insulin secretion through a direct action on pancreatic - cells in animals and in humans2. Experimental studies conducted in animals has demonstrated that 4- hydroxyl isoleucine can reduce insulin resistance through activation of the early steps of insulin signaling in peripheral tissues and liver, and extend a direct effect by improving sensitivity to insulin. Moreover, fenugreek has a lowering effect on glycemic index when added to rice and wheat diets, due to delayed gastric emptying and increased intestinal transit time 3. All these actions help manage blood sugar levels.

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How does the fiber in Vellife natural health drink help in managing cholesterol levels?

Research has proven that the high fiber content in Vellife natural health drink actually blocks cholesterol absorption. The soluble fiber binds to the bile acids, which are therefore excreted rather than recycled to the blood; this reduces blood cholesterol, which is taken up to re-establish an adequate supply of bile acids. 1Also the fiber acts as food source for the 'good' bacteria in the gut who release fatty acids. These fatty acids also suppress cholesterol production by the liver2.

So by preventing absorption and suppressing production of cholesterol, the fenugreek seed component in Vellife natural health drink helps manage blood cholesterol levels.

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How does the fiber in Vellife natural health drink powder help in managing weight?

Velllife Natural Health Drink powder contains 60 to 70 percent dietary fiber (ie 30 to 40 percent soluble fiber, and remaining insoluble fiber), and 20 to 25 percent protein.

When taken 30 minutes prior to a meal, it gives a sense of satiety and thus suppresses appetite. The insoluble fiber content in the food needs more chewing which helps to reduce the fat absorption.

Additionally, in a research conducted in India and published in the "Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Science," in August 2009 1, scientists from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, India, added ground methi seeds to chapati flour(chapati is a flat bread popular in India). This increased the protein and fiber content, and decreased the sugar content and glycemic index of the bread. Foods with a low glycemic index are slowly assimilated, produce a steady flow of energy less likely to add to the fat stores in the body.

Thus by increasing satiety2, reducing dietary fat consumption3 Vellife natural health drink helps in managing weight.

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Fenugreek Health Drink Powder