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Fenugreek Health Drink Powder

The Fenugreek we all know

Fenugreek is commonly called 'Methi' in Indian languages and has been used as a medicine, spice, and food. Seeds of methi have been known to have health benefits since thousands of years in the Indian culture. One of the oldest medicinal plants in history; a description of this plant was found on the Ebers Papyrus 1550 BC Egypt, (Brier, 1998), and in Bhavaprakasha for its medicinal values. Only in recent years however, scientific research into the constituents of fenugreek seeds have defined its constituents and shown definite benefits on blood sugar management, weight management and cholesterol management. As these facts became known, people started to consume methi seeds and tried having them in various forms... as powder, by soaking the seeds overnight etc.

Fenugreek seed contains several components like saponins, alkaloids, fats and coumarin, vitamin A, calcium, iron, potassium, folic acid, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, thiamin, riboflavin and biotin. Even though validated by scientific research, taking full advantage of this natural ingredient is not such an easy task. First and foremost the bitter taste of fenugreek is not palatable and is rejected by a vast majority of people. Some people prefer to consume sprouted fenugreek thinking that it will enhance its benefits. However, during the sprouting the endosperm galactomannans are used up by the budding sapling and this depletes the benefits of fenugreek. Moreover, there was an increase in sucrose content after sprouting which may bring about a rise in the glucose levels. Besides, the sprouting process is very cumbersome and takes more than 30 hours and the moist conditions of sprouting may also lead to bacterial growth which may cause foodborne diseases.

Thus even though fenugreek has been regarded as a miracle cure through the centuries , to garner all its benefits completely and practically , there is a need for a product that is not only effective but also completely safe and without side effects…and if the bitterness is reduced it will be an added bonus.

All the undesirable elements of fenugreek have been thoughtfully removed in Vellife… and the intrinsic benefits have been retained so that Vellife provides the full goodness of fenugreek minus all the disagreeable effects.

Fenugreek Health Drink Powder