Stay healthy and Enjoy wellness for life

Health is Wealth

Many of us have heard our parents or grandparents talk about their childhood where they would walk a couple of kilometres to go to school or climbed trees for fun or pull water out from wells. Although it may sound to us as a hard and non-luxurious lifestyle, have you ever noticed that they were actually healthier than us? Their lifestyle, however tough, made them internally stronger and much healthier.

Compared to them, our generation has a more easier and comfortable life, thanks to the rapid industrialisation and introduction of luxury commodities. We no longer have to walk to school or pull water from wells or even take the simple staircase in high-rise buildings. We have our vehicles to ferry us around town and our smart gadgets have brought the world closer to us. The advancement in healthcare and medicine also guarantees a longer life as compared to the older generation. On one hand where everything looks so simple and easy, on the other hand one factor is taking a hard hit, and that is our health.

So what is it about being healthy..? Being healthy is simply a state of well-being, where we take care of our body so that we feel fit all the time. There are several factors which contribute to healthy life, most important being consuming good and nutritious food. The food we eat has tremendous impact on our wellbeing. A diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals helps in enhancing the functioning of our vital systems and it is often seen that a person with good diet always leads a longer life.

However, with our easy and luxurious life comes a host of habits that can cause adverse effects on health. Increased intake of junk food, along with 'no' or 'low' physical activity, leads to obesity. Adding the modern day maladies of stress and lack of sleep, in turn gives rise to number of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and even cancer. In fact, as is well known that India will be the Diabetes capital of the world by 2030.

Therefore, in today's fast paced and quick life, it is our own responsibility to take care of our health. Slight modifications in lifestyle such as eating right, making healthy food choices, exercising often and ensuring adequate rest can prove beneficial for our health in the long run. No wonder our ancestors believed that "It's only our Health that is our real Wealth".