Sugar substitute with low calorie
Maltodextrin free Sugar substitute with  low calorie

Living Well with Velllife

Life without wellness is meaningless. It can then become devoid of quality and dignity. Being fit, active and healthy adds miles to confidence and smiles to existence. Vellife as the name suggests has been launched to be your ladder to a life of wellness.

With the rise in awareness…most people know that prevention is better than cure and are thus ready to switch to healthier alternatives and improved food choices but without any compromise on taste. They want the best of two worlds and want wellness to be garnished with taste in every serving. The parable "healthy means tasteless" has become outdated. Everyone wants to enjoy not only the goodness of food but also the good taste.

And amongst all the yummy favourites, there is a wide assortment of tempting sweets and savouries. These sweet fantasies are mouth-watering but can make one cry while counting the calorie intake. When you want to indulge in your sweet tooth without any compromise on taste, Vellife Sugar Substitute is your sweet and sure saviour. It provides all the sweetness of sugar but contains only half the calories (50%). So, if you are interested in weight management, it is definitely meant for you. Moreover, it has no synthetic sweeteners making it safe for consumption. And Vellife Sugar Substitute does not impart any unacceptable aftertaste like many other sugar substitutes as it contains steviol glycosides from 'natural stevia' that imparts the sweet taste.

When you wish to use Vellife Sugar substitute to make sweets, savouries and mithais at home or bake cakes and pastries where high temperatures are used, Vellife Sugar substitute is not affected by heat and does not lose any sweetness on heating making it the ideal sugar replacement.

Scientific studies have shown that it does not cause spikes in blood sugar like the usual sugar because it has a low glycemic index. This makes it suitable for pre-diabetics and diabetics too.

Maltodextrin-the hidden danger

There are many sugar substitutes available in the market including aspartame, saccharine and sucralose. These additives are intensely sweet and a small amount can equal the sweetness of sugar. However, an important fact to be kept in mind is that a low calorie sweetener should have a low glycemic index so that it does not cause spikes in blood glucose level after intake, for it to be effective in weight management and in management of diabetes. The hidden danger that lurks within these products is that they may contain Maltodextrin, a bulking agent. Maltodextrin can add calories and is high in glycemic index leading to a hazardous glucose spike which can adversely affect glucose regulation. Vellife Sugar Substitute, on the other hand is maltodextrin-free and hence does not cause any hazardous glucose spikes and is thus ideal for prediabetics, diabetics and those on a low-carb diet. So go on…add Vellife sugar substitute to your morning cup of tea or use it while you are making your festive savouries.

Now with Vellife sugar substitute you can indulge in your favourite sweets and savouries without any compromise on either health or taste… Indeed this is sweet music to the ears… and to the taste buds… So be sure to lead a good life with wellness and Vellife.

Sugar substitute with  low calorie