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Fenugreek Health Drink Powder


Vellife: Natural Health Drink Powder

• Helps manage weight

• Helps manage blood sugar levels

• Helps manage blood cholesterol

When one wishes to lead a healthy life, managing key health parameters such as body weight, blood glucose and cholesterol which are known risk factors for various disorders is important. Nature has provided a repository of healthful substances that can help one manage these. Vellife Natural Health Drink Powder contains one such key natural ingredient, fenugreek seeds, that has been scientifically worked on to offer it's goodness with reduced bitterness.

Fenugreek as we all know is known as 'methi' and has been used since ancient times as a medicine, spice and food. In recent years, it has been proved to have a definitive role in managing blood sugar, cholesterol and even in maintaining weight. But in spite of its numerous health benefits, the bitter taste is a deterrent for many. Hence using a new technology called as 'Supercritical extraction', the fenugreek in Vellife Natural Health Drink Powder has its bitterness reduced and has a tasty orange flavour has been added as well.

Benefits of Vellife Natural Health Drink Powder

• It contains natural soluble fibre, this decreases the rate at which sugar level rises in the blood and manages the blood glucose level

• It lowers the cholesterol level, specially the 'bad' cholesterol or LDL in the blood. Thus, maintains healthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease

• It contains natural fiber which swells inside and gives a feeling of fullness, thus helps in managing weight

Fenugreek Health Drink Powder